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Are you looking for reliable and experienced retaining wall contractors near you in Plainville, CT? Look no further than Valley View Excavating, LLC. We have years of experience in building and installing retaining walls in the Hartford area. Our primary service area is Plainville, New Britain, Bristol and Southington but we do service other areas as well.

Why Install a Retaining Wall

Water can cause significant damage to your property if left unchecked. Retaining walls prevent soil erosion by redirecting water runoff away from your property foundation.

Retaining walls not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property but also provide practical advantages such as erosion control, soil stabilization, and drainage control.

These features can instantly transform your yard by creating various levels and elevations. Their design flexibility allows for customization to fit your landscape’s aesthetic – all while providing an attractive focal point in your yard.

Installing a retaining wall is an excellent investment that pays off in the long term. It significantly increases your property value by enhancing its visual appeal and practical function. Why not install one today?

Retaining Wall Contractor Near Me in Plainville, CT

At Valley View Excavating LLC, we value our clients, and we believe in providing personalized service. When you choose us for your project, we assign a dedicated team to handle the work. This means that you’ll have a direct point of contact throughout the project – the owner, Adam Zadrozny – who is responsible for ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

We take time to understand your needs and preferences, and we work in your best interests. Our team will guide you throughout the entire project, from the initial consultation to the final delivery.

Let’s get started on your next project! Contact us today for a quote.


Do I need a permit for retaining wall CT?

Depending on your location, retaining walls above a certain height that involve excavation or filling of earth require a permit. It is important to check with your local zoning board before embarking on any retaining wall construction to determine the permit requirements.

What is the cheapest possible retaining wall?

The cheapest retaining wall options are stacked-stone or interlocking block retaining walls. These walls are made from locally sourced materials and are easy to construct.

What are the three types of retaining walls?

The three types of retaining walls are gravity, cantilevered, and anchored.

Are retaining walls worth it?

Retaining walls are worth it if you have a sloped or uneven landscape that needs to be reformed. Apart from improving the appearance of your property, they provide additional outdoor living spaces by creating flat or terraced areas.

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