Featured Project – Plainville Sewer Line Replacement

Featured Project – Plainville Sewer Line Replacement

This Plainville customer called us for a slow draining sewer line. We ran a camera through the sewer cleanout in the basement and found roots and a blockage about 8 feet from the road.

We recommended to the customer that the best option would be to replace the line from the curb line to the house. We had to saw cut and remove asphalt driveway and use a jackhammer on the concrete patio. We excavated and removed the 4” Orangeburg line and replaced it with 6″ SDR-35 PVC pipe in a bed of 3/4” stone with fabric over it. We also installed an external 6″ clean out
back filled with compaction and clean site.

We repaved the driveway with 3″ of new asphalt and re-poured the section of concrete. With a little topsoil seed and hay we were able to get the property in a position where it could look like new.

This job took two days from start to finish and the customer was only without service for six hours.

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